Architectural impressions of New York.

Although only a very short trip to New York we did get to see a fair bit just by walking around, criss-crossing Manhattan, and going into Brooklyn, Queens and Long island. Here are some of those impressions we encountered along the way. Wish we could have had more time to explore – I suppose we’ll just have to come back to New York to continue our discovery of this iconic city.

On our recent trip to New York City we were fortunate to have a day where we were taken around sightseeing. We headed out to Long Island, and an island called Fire Island. It was a bit of a drive out there, but it was very much worthwhile. There is the Fire Island Lighthouse which you can go to the top of, and they give you a certificate for walking up and down the steps. Being an old structure and not very wide there is of course no lift inside. The walk up isn’t too strenuous though. The view from the top makes you quickly forget the workout anyway. Serene and peaceful views of the sea, beach, and the surrounding area. Also had a little walk on the beautiful sandy beach not far from the lighthouse – lovely to get the feet cooled off in the water.

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