A Transylvanian Cycling Adventure.

A Transylvanian Cycling Adventure.

Sometimes time really flies and escapes. This post is over a year delayed, so will have to make it a bit short and sweet.

Last June I had the opportunity to join in on a cycle trip through the beautiful landscapes of Transylvania, surrounded the Carpathian Mountains, visiting old Saxon villages where the traditional way of life still largely prevails.

The trip was arranged by the Global Heritage Fund (GHF) and organised by The Slow Cyclist. The GHF is committed to aid in the restoration of the vernacular architecture of the Saxon Villages using the traditional techniques and materials, so the focus of our trip was to visit some of the villages and sites to see the result of the work that has been done, and also see the progress of some of the current restorations.

The Slow Cyclist did an absolute fantastic job with the arranging of all the accommodation, food, entertainment, transport and mountain bikes. We were treated with the most gorgeous home-cooked food, and despite all the exercise from cycling I gained a fair few pounds from overindulging.

An unexpected little bonus on our last day before flying back home to the UK was to meet The Prince of Wales at an opening of a traditional kiln for making roof-tiles and building bricks. It was also fun to be able to try making a tile myself – somewhere in Transylvania there is a roof with a single tile inscribed with my name, if it survived the burning process that is.

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